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Anna Faris plastic surgery

Anna Faris plastic surgeryAnna Faris is an American actress, singer and comedian born on November 29, 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland. She became popular by playing the starring role in Scary Movie series. Also, she is well known for acting in other movies, such as Take Me Home Tonight, Smiley Face, Just Friends, What’s Your Number? and The House Bunny. In 1994 she played a guest role in very popular sitcom Friends. She was Erica, the birth mother of the child Monica and Chandler were to adopt. Recently, she made appearance in The Dictator, a Sacha Baron Cohen film. Anna admittedĀ boob job plastic surgery and if you take a closer look on her before and after pictures you can also see changes on her lips, chin and cheeks.

Anna admits to having a breast enlargement plastic surgery. Although she went from a to c size, her breasts still look natural and most fans agree that she has improved her looks having that procedure done.

Some people who pay attention to her appearance speculate that she is also prone to having botox injections to lift her eyebrows and also collagen injections to make her lips more juicy and fuller.

Rumors never end, so there are some of Anna supposed nose job. People who comment on that say that her nose bridge seems smaller on recent pictures.

Be that as it may, we can all agree Anna looks stunning. What do you think, is it because of the cosmetic procedures?

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