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Bob Costas plastic surgery

Bob Costas plastic surgeryRobert Bob Costas was on born March 22, 1952 in Queens, New York. He is an American talk show host and sportscaster for NBC Sports television since the early 1980s. He has been prime-time host of a record 9 Olympic games. He’s hosting an interview show called Studio 42 with Bob Costas and also occasionally does play by play for MLB Network as well.

So, what kind of plastic surgery did Bob Costas have and how can he look so young?

Bob Costas has been sportcasting for over a 30 years and his look has never changed. He never confirmed his cosmetic procedures but you can’t look the same for that period without lots of plastic surgeries. It’s pretty obvious that he’s been under the knife quite a few times. Probably he had some sort of facelift, botox injections, fillers, laser treatments, hair implants or all of above.

On some new pictures he has a shiny new face without wrinkles and he’s looking 20 years younger than he is.

Look these before and after Bob Costas plastic surgery pictures and give us your comment about his new look. Do you like his new „younger“ look or you think that he is plastic nightmare.


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  1. He looks good, hey remember this is HOLLYWOOD BABY!!!!

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