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Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery

Jennifer Coolidge chemical peelingJennifer Coolidge is an American actress born on August 28, 1961, in Boston, Massachusetts. She is best known for her role of „Stifler’s mom“, the MILF in the movie American Pie. She also played in movies A Cinderella Story, Legally Blonde, The Secret Life of an American Teenager. As for sitcom, she played a regular role of Joey’s agent in TV series Joey.

Currently she has a supporting role in 2 Broke Girls as Sophie.

Some rumors suggested that plastic surgery is the reason 51 year old Jennifer remains less touched by time.

Since she doesn’t look like she has taken some drastic measures, it seems like she has done a variety of smaller procedures to prevent to look „older“. It’s speculated she takes her Botox injections, lip fillers, and even does some chemical peeling on her skin. It has been noticed that she lost some weight over the years and despite that has managed to avoid those sagging jowls. Also, people talk that she could have had a small browlift and a mini facelift. Some plastic surgeon said that it is possible that she had nose job done at some point of her life.

Do you think rumors about Jennifer Coolidge’s plastic surgery are real or her looks are more of a preservative nature?

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