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Julianna Margulies plastic surgery

Julianna Margulies plastic surgeryJulianna Margulies is an American actress and producer born on June 8, 1966, in Spring Valley, New York. She gained her celebrity status by appearing in hit sitcom ER, for which she won an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actress in a Television Drama. She played the part of Nurse Carol Hathaway for six years and got nominated for the Emmy Award every year. She also appeared in TV series The Sopranos and Scrubs.

Currently she is starring as an attorney in TV show The Good Wife. In 2010 she won a Golden Globe for her role in this show.

Julianna denies having done any plastic surgery. She says she owes her youthful looks to exercise and healthy diet. She also takes care of her face by not exposing it to too much sun, trying to avoid wrinkles.

There were rumors about her eyelid transformation after appearing at Golden Globe Awards. Her eyelid seemed a little bit heavy and covered with hair, seeming as she had some Botox injected. Also, a plastic surgeons said that her wrinkle-free forehead revealed some job done.
Even though she denies using the benefits of plastic surgery, she doesn’t close the possibility to actually get it one day. It seems that, she believes in anything that can make her feel better.

Either she has had surgical procedure or she has aged so well. Which one is your choice?


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