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Kareena Kapoor plastic surgery

Kareena Kapoor - BeboBollywood star Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo has had cosmetic surgery, if reports are to be believed. Rumors are that she has done plenty of plastic surgeries on her face, her nose has become sharper and the cheek bones are well defined now. Kareena reportedly got a jaw job done to enhance her looks. I really don’t believe that Kareena facial features hasn’t changed since she was younger, all difference is she has lost the baby weight which enhanced her cheeks which is nice.

The Actress, once voted India’s most beautiful woman, is rumoured to have had plastic surgery on her jaw in order to achieve a softer, more feminine look. The number of cosmetic surgery procedures has increased considerably in the past decade, with increasing popularity attributed by some to the number of Bollywood stars choosing to go under the knife in order to have surgery such as breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, gastric band and tummy tuck.

Aside from getting a new stylist, Kareena Kapoor, also got her nose under the knife. It made a huge change to her overall appearance, though the new stylist certainly did. I also think she couldn’t have toned down to the much hyped size zero without liposuction. For someone who has been chubby all their life, there’s no way in hell you can lose that much weight without excess skin, cellulite and the likes.

Did she also have cheekbone implants? Her face was dead flat earlier, now it has very prominent cheekbones. For some reason I do not buy the mere weight loss theory. I think Kareena Kapoor have had breast enlargement becouse they look a lot bigger now. In her case the surgeon did a pretty good job…

She is pretty but always has been so its all can be just a rumor, you be the judge. Look carefully at her old pics and new pictures and decide if Kareena Kapoor had rhinoplasty, boob job or any other plastic surgeries.

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