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Kathryn Morris plastic surgery

Kathryn Morris plastic surgeryKathryn Morris is an American actress born on January 28, 1969 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She spent her childhood in Texas and Connecticut. She gained her popularity playing head role in CBS TV series Cold Case. She played the beautiful detective Lily Rush. She also made appearances in TV series Pensacola: Wings of Gold and movies As Good As It Gets, The Contender, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Paycheck and Midhunters. She was Tom Cruise’s character’s wife in Minority Report.

Currently, she is living in Los Angeles and working on a new movie with a head role – The Sweeter Side of Life. As for her personal life, she is in a relationship with actor Johnny Messner.

Many fans, critics and surgeons can’t get rid of the thought that Kathryn sometimes looks a little bit fake. Is it because of her poor or exaggerated makeup or has she done some cosmetic surgery? Most of her fans agree that she hasn’t undergone any procedures, but occasional drastic changes in her looks rose some doubts. Recently her face changed in a way that she looked like she has lost some weight, or she has done some cosmetic job.

Kathryn’s fans even raised some speculations about her lips. They assumed she had some lip fillers injected since her lips seemed more puffy and rounded. Though, people say it is because of the way she puts her lipstick on.

What do you think, has Kathryn Morris undergone plastic surgery?

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