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Kim Hyuna plastic surgery

Kim HyunA plastic surgeryKim Hyun Ah was born on June 6, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea. She is is a singer, rapper, designer, songwriter, dancer and model. HyunA is a member of the Korean group 4Minute and duo Trouble Maker. She is also a former member of the group Wonder Girls but she left them in 2007.

There are many rumors that HyunA had some plastic surgeries especially nose job.

 Looking at HyunA before and after pictures her face changed a lot. Her nose is smaller with sharper nose tip, her eyes look bigger and cheekbones higher. It could be difference because the angle and the make up or it is a result of plastic surgery.

 HyunA said none of 4minute did plastic surgery: “We 4Minute is known for not doing (plastic surgery). All 5 members, we have not done any plastic surgery.”

 Looking at this video It’s kind of difficult to believe that she did nothing to her nose.


So, what do you think has 4minute HyunA had a nose job or some other plastic surgery?


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  1. I don't think she has had plastic surgery (this is my opinion) since if you look at her profile it states that she has some medical problem (I don't know how to spell it) which caused her to loose a lot of weight a little after or before she left the wonder girls but it is sustained by a medicine and is not curable.

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