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Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgery

Mary-Louise Parker plastic surgeryMary-Louise Parker is an American actress born on August 2, 1964 in Fourth Jackson, South Carolina. She is best known for TV series Weeds and her lead role in it, for which she has received some nominations and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She won a second Golden Globe for the Angels in America, for which she won an Emmy Award also. She has also appeared in movies and series like Fried Green Tomatoes, The West Wing, RED, Boys on the Side. In 2004 she gave birth to a son and in 2007 she adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia.

Since Hollywood is full of rumors about celebrity plastic surgery, it’s Mary-Louise Parker’s turn to be gossiped about.

She is said to have a little too smooth and youthful looking face for someone her age and concerning the fact that she has given birth to one and raised two children. It has been speculated that she has had done some laser skin rejuvenation procedures and that she is prone to Botox use.

It was mentioned in some tabloids that she has had a nose job, a facelift and breast augmentation done. In some pictures she even looked like she has had a lip augmentation because her lips seemed fuller. All in all, people say that she might even look younger now than when she did her first noticed roles.

Could it be that Mary-Louise Parker has done all of those cosmetic surgery procedures? Or is that all just gossip? Tell us what do you think.

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