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Megan Fox plastic surgery

Megan-Fox-lip-implantsMegan Fox is an American actress and model born on May 16, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee. She drop out of high school and move to Los Angeles after wining multiple awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention in 1999. Megan began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles. Her first big break came with Olsen twins film Holiday in the Sun and her best known role is as Mikaela Banes in the first two installments of the Transformers series. It’s public opinion that Megan has almost certainly gone under the knife for plastic surgery to acquire her famous appearance.

Megan Fox is one of the sexiest woman in Hollywood and she frequently appears on men’s magazine hot lists, including FHM and Maxim. A look at her pictures will clear any doubts regarding her status as hottest girl alive but experts claim she may have benefit from a number of cosmetic procedures.

Megan Fox is one of those raising stars that brings a lot of rumors and plastic surgery being one of the most frequent. She has changed her looks a bit over the years and now she looks like an entirely different person. It’s believed that she has done lip injections, breast augmentation, botox injections, cheek fillers, eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing and rhinoplasty. Many people think that she is all plastic and others think it’s just aging or weight loss. Megan denies that she has had any enhancements done.

She has undergone a nose job and judging from her earlier photos, her nose has been reshaped, slickened and sharpened. It changed before and during Transformers from a nose with a small bump on her bridge, to the bump free perfectly defined kind of nose. It’s unclear whether or not Megan has undergone one or more rhinoplasty procedures but her surgeon definitely did great job as difference is hardly noticeable.

It’s possible that Fox undergone a a non surgical browlift. Change could be from injecting a small morsel of Botox underneath the curve of the brow to achieve a high arch or a eyebrow hair transplant, a simple method of implanting hairs in the desired areas. Her present brows are higher, longer and far more defined but this could also be a makeup trick.

There are also rumors saying that she got lip injections. Her bottom lip has most certainly been plumped and combined with re-shaped brows give her a very clean look. She said „My lips are my lips.

It’s also possible that Megan has enhance her breasts with an boob augmentation in the mid to late 2000’s. Her breasts now looks quite round and her breast size went up at least a cup.

It appear on Megan frozen and waxy look that she’d had lot of botox injections around her eyes and near her eyebrows. The actress has silenced the rumors by posting a pictures on her Facebook entitled – things you can’t do with your face when you have botox. She proves her forehead muscles are not frozen by pulling an number of facial expressions but that doesn´t mean that she didn´t have botox in the past.

Megan Fox was attractive before her surgeries, there is no denying that. But, did she have a specified cosmetic procedures or the tabloids are wrong? Judge your self after seeing evolution of Megan’s face over the years and Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery pictures.You can easily notice that above procedures mentioned could be in fact true. When questioned about other medical procedures she declared them as rumors.

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