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Priscilla Presley plastic surgery gone wrong

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery gone wrongPriscilla Ann Presley, 66 years old, is ex-wife of Elvis Presley, the king of rock singer. This beautiful actress was born on May 24, 1945 and met Elvis in 1959 at the tender age of 14. They got married after 1963 once she moved to Graceland.

Priscilla’s face and body started to change over the years. However, this was not due to natural aging process. Rather, Priscilla has undergone many plastic surgery procedures in her lifetime and one of the most evidently noticeable plastic surgery that she underwent was cheek implants.

However, the implants are so large that it is difficult for her to smile easily and freely. She also underwent facelifts many times. She had numerous Botox injections and had collagen put into lips. Her lips look uneven and distorted – an indication of multi lip injections. There are rumors circulating around that this Botox and facelift star had also got a brow-lift and had a chemical peel in order to improve her skin complexion. She even was victim to an unauthorized plastic surgery by a physician called Daniel Serrano who was ultimately sentenced to 18 months jail term for using non-approved FDA chemicals during the plastic surgery procedures. Priscilla Presley publically admitted getting plastic surgery done by this unlicensed doctor.

Priscilla is not the only Hollywood actress that has fallen to bogus physician. Larry King’s wife-Shawn and Lionel Richie’s wife-Diane are known to have held injection parties at their place.

Many celebrities in Hollywood look so obsessed to have a perfect look. They desperately and blindly try new beauty products that come their way or are offered to them. Many people believe that it would not have been happen to Priscilla, if she had taken enough care to check the legal license of doctor and had done some research before undergoing plastic surgery. In fact Priscilla Presley was extremely beautiful and many of her past and present fans fail to understand why she got plastic surgery in a first place. Many people give opinion that had Priscilla left herself alone, she would have rather aged gracefully and stylishly.

Of late, she has appeared on the NBC-dancing With the Stars- show with Lois Van Amstel as her partner. In this show, she was the oldest dancing contestant in the entire history of the show. The pair got the second place for their outstanding performance.

You are messing your body and face; if you are getting plastic surgery done by a bogus and unauthorized doctor. Once it is screwed up, the whole world can see it.

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