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Sela Ward plastic surgery

Sela Ward plastic surgerySela Ward is an American actress born on July 11, 1956 in Meridian, Mississippi. She is best known for her television performances in TV series Sisters and Once and Again. She also played a role in popular TV series House M.D. and in movies like The Stepfather and The Guardian along with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Throughout her successful career she won a Golden Globe Award and two Emmy Awards.

Currently she is impersonating the character of Jo Danville in hit series CSI: NY. She joined the series in 2010, replacing the character of detective Stella Bonasera.

Sela Ward has been married to Howard Sherman since 1992, with whom she raises two children, an eighteen year old son and a fourteen year old daughter.

Despite of her age – she celebrated her 56th birthday this year – Sela Ward shows no signs of aging. People suspect that she started to use benefits of plastic surgery. First of all, she seems to be using Botox in her forehead, between her eyebrows and around her eyes. Allegedly, she stated that she loves Botox and all of those cosmetic procedures that don’t involve cutting yourself.

Some crirtics say that she must have undergone more of plastic surgery. There are some speculations that she has had a nose job. Despite that, Sela claims she is afraid of going under the knife. Even so, she doesn’t exclude the possibility of working up some courage for this as she gets older.

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