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The story behind Sandra Bullock plastic surgery

Sandra Bullock plastic surgerySandra Bullock is a famous Hollywood actress and has featured in top movies such as Speed, A Time to Kill, The Net and Miss Congeniality among many others. The actress is on her late and is famous for her great acting talent and persistent beauty even with the aging factor. There have been claims and rumors about Sandra Bullock plastic surgery all over media and popular magazines such as the OK! Magazine. They say that the film star recently had a face plastic surgery on her foreheadnose and lips. Some claim that her lower lip looks more fuller and her nose a little bit thinner.

All these claims still remain to be rumors since none of them has been proved yet. Sandra has not made any confessions as well and this leaves you with no option but to classify all these claims as rumors. You might have noticed some few changes on her photos taken before the rumored surgery and after. The nose appears a little thinner, her skin smoother with reduced blemish and her lips a little fuller. These observations can only be made if you are very keen since she pretty much looks the same.

The OK! Magazine claims that Sandra might be under some Botox injections which make her forehead look a little raised. She might also be taking some filler injections of Radiesse which are responsible for the slightly fuller lower lip. Other sources say that Sandra has been spotted visiting a specific plastic surgeon on more than one occasion for the last 15 years. However, Sandra’s rep denies all these allegations and says that the film star has done absolutely nothing to her face to improve on her looks.

One of her friends confessed that she had noticed the change on Sandra’s face. She claimed that the new look was a way to boost her self esteem after having a break up with Ryan Reynolds. The break up was a big blow to the actress’s ego and would be reason enough for her to opt for plastic surgery. After her second break up with Jesse James, Sandra confessed that she had never enjoyed her youth and it was high time for her to do that. She had the spirit to fight and remain young even though she was approaching her fifties.

Sandra’s rep also denied that the film star had any kind of romance with Ryan hence that wouldn’t be reason enough for to acquire the new look. Sandra’s fans say that people are only trying to create issues out of hatred. They further go ahead to say that they have not noticed any kind of change on Sandra’s face apart from the basic make up. All these claims will always remain with question marks and no one apart from her can actually say that they know the whole truth about Sandra Bullock plastic surgery.

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