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Erica Durance plastic surgery – is it a nose job, a boob job or both?

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Erica Durance plastic surgeryErica Durance is a Canadian actress and producer born on June 21, 1978 in Calgary, Alberta. In 2004 she played a role on The Chris Isaak Show, a woman on a date with Chris Isaak. She also had roles in TV series Tru Calling, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1 and The Collector but she is best known for her role of Lois Lane in the series Smallville. Currently she is starring in the medical drama television series Saving Hope, in which she is also a producer. Many critics debate about Erica’s cosmetic surgery.

The question is has she been enhanced. It’s been suggested that she has had breast implants, but there is no actual proof. Looking at her pictures we can assume that she might have naturally big breasts or a good bra, although a critic said „We can tell a mile away that her boobs are fake“.

Erica is also rumored to have done a nose job, and not a good one. She denied even this plastic surgery procedure explaining that her nose looks different thanks to a make-up trick – depending on which concealer she uses her nose may be looking thinner than at other times.

Whatever Erica Durance is using the benefits of plastic surgery or not, we can all agree that she looks stunning.

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Is it a result of some enhancements or is she all natural, what do you think?

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