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Jennie Garth plastic surgery

Jennie Garth plastic surgeryJennie Garth is an American actress and film director born on April 3, 1972 in Urbana, Illinois. She is best known for her role as Kelly Taylor in Hollywood TV show Beverly Hills 90210. If her appearance will be compared on before and after photos, a big change will be noticed due a plastic surgery and botox.

Plastic surgery has been used ever since humans became too conscious of how they look like. It is used to be done from breast augmentation to injection of paraffin to body parts. People tend to have plastic surgery to have that so called “change”. Maybe, they were ugly ducklings once and would want to be dubbed in the future as a beautiful swan. Some plastic surgeries give good effects while others make the ugly much uglier. Not all surgeries can end up successfully. Take for example the case of Jennie Garth plastic surgery.

 Jennie’s face today is a far cry from her fresh look before. Some compares her as a wax museum statue. Even if you don’t know her, you can easily detect that changes that she had. Her skin was pulled too tight, causing wrinkles to disappear. Even her eyes became wider, which may be the result of eyelid surgery. She had decided to keep up with those celebrities who uses cosmetic surgery to ensure their places in the Hollywood industry.

Celebrities always have this mindset that if you look good, your career will be at a good condition as well.  Instead of looking younger, Jennie Garth appeared to look much older than her original age. Just an example of how a plastic surgery can go to the wrong way. Though in some, it can boost confidence in themselves if the ideal look is a success, others may develop certain health problems if not done correctly. Jennie Garth is just an example of a person who despite of all the money and fame, is still unhappy and not contented with what she have.

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