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Lauren Holly plastic surgery

Lauren Holly plastic surgeryLauren Michael Holly is an American-Canadian actress born in october 28, 1963. Although Lauren Holly is approaching 50 she sure doesn’t look like it. There’s been a lot of speculation that she’s gone under the knife to stay looking so young, but she hasn’t talked about any of the work she has or hasn’t done.

Lauren Holly is definitely one of the notables’ actresses in her generation. Her big break was 20 years ago. She was taking a role in movie “Dumb and Dumber”, after this movie her carrier took of big time. She also had a spectacular entrance in the movie “No Looking Back”. Lauren is also known for her roles as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the TV series Picket Fences and as Jenny Shepard on the TV series NCIS. She was married to comic actor Jim Carrey.

The most popular plastic surgery about this star are about an alleged boob job. Apparently she’s a bustier than before, and there’s plenty of speculation about her cosmetic enhancement since the ’90s. I think everybody agree that she’s got breast implants what you can see on her before and after pictures.

Have Lauren had a face lift surgery?

You can clearly tell in her 2010 Hallmark movie “The Town Christmas Forgot” she has had some work done on her face. Most noticeable are her lips. She has the “ducklip” look now. Her lips were always medium full and nicely shaped. They are now completely different looking, which changes the way her whole face appears to many people. Because her lips are fuller, and the smile lines around her mouth are gone too, most likely do to fillers, her face from the nose down looks so different that I almost didn’t recognize her at first. I don’t think she looks bad, she just looks different. Different in ‘not her more recognized self’, which for an actor whose face is recognized in a lot of places in the world, can be confusing for fans and somewhat disapointing as well.

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  1. Too bad. Is it permanent? Note to self: never get anything altered. I love me. Thanks God!

  2. You can't recognize he anymore!!!

  3. You can't recognize he anymore!!!

  4. Gaby Rodriguez

    She was so gorgeous. J dont understand why people choose to look not as pretty. So many people including her have screwed ip their face, Meg Ryan, Mickey Rourke, etc. You would think people would think twice.

  5. Keith D Bealer

    Not about Lauren Holly but is the author's first language english. Someone needs an editor. Doesn't anyone remember the word is 'due'. Let's conjugate the verb to have, I have- you have – he/she has. Too much to continue.

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