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Park Bom plastic surgery

Park BomPark Bom is a South Korean singer born on March 24, 1984 in Seoul. Later on she moved to USA where she graduated high school and went to university. There are rumors of Park Bom’s cosmetic surgeries as nose jobbotox injections and eyelid surgery. Currently, she is main singer in a electro pop girl-group called 2NE1 which is formed of four members.

At first, she studied psychology but later enrolled into a music college. She fell in love with music listening to Mariah Carey’s music and wanted to follow her footsteps. Park Bom has released two solo singles – „You and I“ and „Don’t Cry“. Both of them reached first place on Korean national music chart.

Being a celebrity means that people gossip about you. Well, people gossip about Park Bom’s nose job, simply because over time it started to look differently. Some speculate about her eyes, too. They say they seem too big and that kind of illusion can’t be done with any make up, so she must have done some eyelid surgery.

Since her face sometimes seems stiff and without making expressions, there have been some rumors about her having Botox injected. Park has denied any of it and explained that she suffers from an illness – a lymph nodes disease. That disorder from time to time makes her face swell and looking puffed and that’s the cause of rumors about her Botox injections came up.

Is it plastic surgery or is Park Bom just fantastically good looking? Many of her fans stopped to care, what do you think?


4 Responses

  1. I will seriously think its true, if you go to google and try to search, there's actually quite a lot of evidence.

  2. Pamela Buhl

    omo park boom looks so weird, she didn't realize how pretty she was before, now she looks awful. Pour girl.

  3. Samantha Angela Boncodin

    it's not beacase of her face it's beacause of her talent

  4. Samantha Angela Boncodin

    it's not beacase of her face it's beacause of her talent

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